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We arrived at Sienna at the same time a thunderstorm did. We decided against using the tent, and instead looked for an on-site cabin. We had a bit of trouble, as the number in our guide for the main campsite … Continue reading

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Let’s just say that in a town that’s famous for pretty well much one thing, there should be more signs to said thing. In addition to this, why doesn’t TomTom have a POI (Point of Interest) labelled ‘Leaning Tower’ or … Continue reading

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In Florence, We stayed the night at a youth hostel. The kids, again, got looks varying from surprise to interest. They played in the garden courtyard around some of the other guests. We struck up a conversation with a couple … Continue reading

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Venice to Florence

On Friday 15th, we left Venice to drive to our next stop, Tuscany. We didn’t really have a plan for Tuscany, except to simply drive around in it, but being a significant city, Florence was going to be our first … Continue reading

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The Tooth

Emma is at the age where she’s loosing teeth. For the past few weeks her last remaining ‘front’ tooth has been getting looser, and more unsightly as it has started to lean at an awkward angle – not really the … Continue reading

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Venice – the visit

The choice of a campsite across the lagoon from Venice came from a book that we’d read about travelling with kids. It had said that they were able to catch a ferry into Venice. We thought this would be a … Continue reading

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Venice – the arrival

It was a bit of an ordeal arriving in Venice. We have lots of luggage with us – unseasoned travellers with two kids – and so the use of trolleys in extremely helpful. The only trolleys I could find though … Continue reading

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Through this trip Sharon and I have come to realise quite quickly that we are sooooo mono-lingual. Apart from Papua New Guinea, we’ve both only travelled to English speaking countries. Even though I did have difficulty ordering a glass of … Continue reading

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Okay, so we’re about a week behind in the blog. On Monday 11th, we drove from St. Wolfgang to Vienna, where we spent a day and a half, and also said good-bye to Emma and Nate Parker, who flew back … Continue reading

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A day around St Wolfgang

On Sunday, we spent a day around the St Wolfgang township and did some of the touristy things. Firstly, a late breakfast. We then wandered around the town, having a look, but also, trying to find the train station that … Continue reading

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