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Doughnuts – is there anything they don’t go with?

Yes, that’s a doughnut dressed with bacon.

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The Early Bird makes the Jam!

We only have one car at the moment, which means that if I want the car for the day, I have to drive Scott to work. Our friend Peter usually drives Scott to work in the mornings, but this week … Continue reading

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Homemade Ice Cream with only a 4yr old and a Whisk!

I found a recipe for ice cream on another blog that I’ve been reading. It’s a lady in the US who chats about her life, being a Christian, and a Mum. I really like her style and her attitude. Anyway, … Continue reading

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The Tooth

Emma is at the age where she’s loosing teeth. For the past few weeks her last remaining ‘front’ tooth has been getting looser, and more unsightly as it has started to lean at an awkward angle – not really the … Continue reading

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Tropical Fruit

One thing I love about the tropics is the fruit. Don’t get me wrong, I am partial to apples, peaches, pears and the like, but there’s just something exotic about tropical fruit. However, the tropical fruit that we get delivered … Continue reading

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