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In February, our church had a big push with Baptisms – having a baptism event every Sunday of the month; this is on top of the regular first Sunday of the month Baptisms. During this time Emma started expressing an … Continue reading

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Scooters for the girls

Emma and Faith have wanted scooters for quite a while, so when I saw them on special at Walmart I thought, “why not”? So, here they are scooting around the car park at the apartment complex. I’m not comfortable with … Continue reading

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Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we joined in at a local church for an Easter Egg Hunt! It was great fun. The girls loved being out and doing stuff with friends. The church put on a fantastic event. Not only did they have … Continue reading

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Pool Party

Emma had a sleepover at a friend’s house on Thursday night, which she loved. It’s been so much fun watching Emma build new relationships with some of the girls in her class at school. We were so worried about starting … Continue reading

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The Zoo

During Spring Break we had an opportunity to go to the Birmingham Zoo. I must admit that I didn’t have very high expectations of what the Zoo was going to offer. I mean, I’ve been to the Melbourne Zoo, and … Continue reading

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Weekend with Friends

When we found out that we were definitely moving to Birmingham, one of the first things we did was look up what friends we had that were close by! Thanks to being an MK it’s not hard for me to … Continue reading

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The Tooth

Emma is at the age where she’s loosing teeth. For the past few weeks her last remaining ‘front’ tooth has been getting looser, and more unsightly as it has started to lean at an awkward angle – not really the … Continue reading

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A play date

On Saturday, Sharon and Emma Parker were booked to go on a ‘Sound of Music’ tour around Salzburg. This left me with the three kids for about 10 hours… in a foreign country… with no TV… Luckily there was a … Continue reading

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Flying with Children

Until April this year, when Sharon and Faith went to the U.S.A. for 2 weeks, the longest flight we’d been on with the kids was Cairns, with a Brisbane stop over – so two 2.5 hour flights. So the thought … Continue reading

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