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Weekend Wedding in Wisconsin

This past weekend we journeyed 13 hours north to attend the wedding of Jessica Bradford. The Bradfords are dear family friends that we have known since our PNG days, and it was SO fantastic to be in the same country … Continue reading

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And Indiana makes 11

On our trip to Wisconsin on the weekend we knew that we’d end up staying the night in a state we hadn’t yet been to. The two top contenders along our route were Kentucky and Indiana. After arriving in good … Continue reading

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Florida, Ho!

So, one day, out of the blue my boss calls me over and says, “There’s a conference coming up. You should go. Do you want to?” Uncharacteristically, I immediately answered, “Yes”. Usually I like to know exactly what is involved, … Continue reading

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Memphis was heaps of fun. We managed to find things that we were all interested in, at different times of the day, which was great. I should mention that the Nashville/Memphis adventure was made up of Dogga, Danielle, Faith and … Continue reading

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Having visitors from home is fantastic, but of course has it’s challenges. The challenge with having Dogga and Danielle here was TIME. We wanted to show them where we lived, and also wanted them to have the adventure of seeing … Continue reading

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Canyon of the gods

Colorado Springs is such a beautiful city. Almost everywhere you look you get amazing views of the mountains, which I love. I told Scott that if he got reassigned to Colorado I wouldn’t be too disappointed! It’s magical. Not quite … Continue reading

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Baby Shower in Colorado Springs

My friend Clara is having a baby! Yippee!!! I’m so excited. So, in honour of this momentous occasion the girls and I travelled 22 hours to throw her a baby shower! Crazy you say? Yes, I am! However, as most … Continue reading

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Cadillac Ranch and Texas

The girls and I have recently returned from our big adventure to Colorado. I must admit that I am having trouble getting motivated to blog about all the stuff that we’ve been up to. I’m feeling so far behind it’s … Continue reading

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Texas and Parkers = Best Weekend Ever!

Let me start this post by saying, God is SO good! Last weekend, we went to Houston to visit our very close friends Woz and Em. When I say that God is good, it’s an understatement when thinking about being … Continue reading

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IKEA without the “Cool Sarah Backup Plan!”

Some of you are probably wondering about the title, and the reference to Cool Sarah. Some may have heard the story, so bare with me while I share the background! A couple years ago Scott and I needed a few … Continue reading

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