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Ah, Summer Holidays!

Well, summer has arrived in Alabama with a gusto! The weather has been very hot and humid, over 30 degrees every day so far! It apparently is only going to get hotter, so we have lots of heat to get … Continue reading

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Bass Pro Shop (this one’s for Dave!)

On Saturday we went to Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World, just up the road in Leeds, AL. If you’re thinking, “that’s not really the Johnson’s thing”, you’d be right! We had spotted it on our trip to Atlanta a couple … Continue reading

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Tornado Shakes the State

This past week has been eventful, to say the least. We have had an incredible tragedy in the state of Alabama. The tornadoes that ripped through the state were so devastating, it’s hard to put into words, the sights that … Continue reading

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Apartment – Phase 2

We have now had our furniture for a couple weeks! Yippee. It’s been great not having to sit on the floor any more. My back had definitely had enough of it, so it couldn’t have come at a better time. … Continue reading

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The Zoo

During Spring Break we had an opportunity to go to the Birmingham Zoo. I must admit that I didn’t have very high expectations of what the Zoo was going to offer. I mean, I’ve been to the Melbourne Zoo, and … Continue reading

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The Apartment – Phase One

Okay, so we have the apartment, and we’re slowly getting settled. I thought it would be fun to show the progress in stages so that you all can get a feel for what our new home is like, and how … Continue reading

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