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Haiti – some photos

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For the last week of June myself and 11 others went on a mission trip to Haiti. The stated purpose of the trip was to go and share the message of Jesus with orphans and other children. However, we were … Continue reading

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Moving Day

After 14 months our apartment was starting to feel a little cramped, and so we started looking at options on renting. A couple of problems came up straight away. The school district boundaries where we live are very hard and … Continue reading

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Wiffle Ball

Sharon and I, with the Otises, ran a small group through Winter/Spring called “The Breakfast Club”. Basically, it was an excuse to get together and hang out and eat. It was the exact same style of small group that got … Continue reading

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In February, our church had a big push with Baptisms – having a baptism event every Sunday of the month; this is on top of the regular first Sunday of the month Baptisms. During this time Emma started expressing an … Continue reading

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A few more states

So from our travels over Christmas, and Sharon’s expedition to New York City, the Johnsons have added a few more states to their list of ‘visited’, with the map to the right reflecting these now. The new states are Oklahoma, … Continue reading

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Where are we again?

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Doughnuts – is there anything they don’t go with?

Yes, that’s a doughnut dressed with bacon.

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There was supposed to be an earth-shattering ‘Hip Hip, Hooray’!

We’ve made some good friends through church, through a small group that we’ve been going to on Saturday mornings. (Which we think has really saved us with regard to church.) This last Saturday night there was a birthday party for … Continue reading

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Will the real ‘Scott Johnson’ please collect his email?

When I started this new job, it didn’t take me very long at all to discover that I was not alone here. Being given the email address ‘Scott.Johnson2@…’ implied that there was also a ‘Scott.Johnson@…’. Checking the corporate directory, I … Continue reading

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